Indeed it is a difficult task, you deliberately wrong me and expect me to do away with the past. Selfishness is the new black. Never taking into consideration the feelings of the victim at hand… well, my heart is larger than a one terabyte hard disk drive, so you see I have every record saved in and not out.

Forgiveness became my nightmare early this year when I saw you pass. I vowed not to give in to forgiveness just this once but no, it is a difficult task to ignore forgiveness. Many night I cried wishing you were never on the face of this planet but of course wishes are never horses…. having being remembered of who I was and what I was made of…. a new creation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, born after the sperm of God Almighty I taught… who am I not to forgive

Forgiveness taught me to smile again and look up again  forgiveness taught me how to call you my friend again.         forgiveness is a virtue of the humble not the proud…

© officialmandy, 2015



  1. forgiveness is truly for the strong. no coward can do this n do it well. only the strong n pure in heart can. it’s a very difficult mountain to climb n descend.
    good job Tatty
    luv u morestest. … .

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  2. You cant keep thins within u and also tel God u love him…one of the Principles of God,Forgiveness is the key to a sound mind knowing u hv no grudge wit anyone..tnx for enlighten us Dee,great piece.

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