The Ghost Of His Memories

Drowning in a deep black tunnel…. running and shading away from the flashlights of his flashbacks. I’ve been chained by the ghost of his memories.

The way he touched me, looked at me…, laughed at and with me… all this memories coming to me as different ghosts hunting me. Sometimes I wish this ghost will all leave me to have a fresh start and sometimes I wish otherwise

The torture gets pleasant, beautiful and painful at the same time, the kind of torture that is bitter but yet still tastes like dark chocolate..  . 🙂

Can someone pinch me… this is not my worth, the torture from the ghost of his memories. I deserve a fresh start, a fresh somebody, a fresh new memory, a new way of loving…..

Will you be the ghost of my future….

© officialmandy, 2015



  1. wow
    Tatty, the title alone is dope. nice one….
    this ghost really needs to be swept under ur carpet I guess. wish I had these kind of ghosts ssh. …….lol
    good job girl


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