Melody of Life

Life is a melody … we dance to the tune but never hear the music play… our imaginary journey we always turn to as a map but hey be careful what you see
Our imaginative power is so strong we ought to caution the thoughts we think…
The good book says, that guard your heart with all diligence for a reason because out of it are the issues of life…
Life is but a path we walk.. the journey tho never short… you choose the foot wear u wanna have on for this journey  because the road sure has thorns n broken glasses and nails n wood n metals n coals made out of it… you sure don’t wanna get your foot bruised…
The journey of life we all will walk but yet still not all will cross the finish line… this life indeed is a melody we dance to but never hear the tune…

© officialmandy, 2015



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