You feel guilty yet I feel filthy,

you say its complicated because Facebook gave you an option

you slapped me in the face with trust i had in you

you betrayed a friendship of purity, a love so strong

you broke a shattered heart…

caged me in the darkness of my own heart

I walk a lone ranger as the prophets of old.

you feel hurt yet I am a disaster;

I find comfort in the morning sun

my eyes are weak for tears never stopped

you chained me for selfishness sake

hatred smiles but it mind has never seen the day light

lo siento mi amigos, you are my today, my tomorrow, my yesterday, but no! stop right there honey because you, you have no idea who you refer to as mi amigos, my friend… you have no right to speak of friendship because you betrayed one

so never think my smile warms for you…

© officialmandy, 2015



  1. Very powerful. Someone did this to you. I hope they get the chance to read it. Your pain comes out through your words. My pain comes out through my music. It is way to release it. To give it form. Years later it may mean something different. Sometimes when I play back the music I improvise – usually days later, I think, “I played that?” I imagine that you, too, read back over your words and realize it says exactly what it means. Here is a post that has a media file of my last improvisation. It is called “Blindfolded Pain” but to read the blog and know what it is about it is best to go in through the front door to know how best to start. just go to I will be back to read me of what you have written, you can be sure.

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