The shadow lies beyond the skies

In the deepest wilderness I taught I saw flies

Nightmares bearing my name, thinking we are born the same

Unknowingly for him I loved the day-dream

Screams of unwanted bitterness violated the door post that says keep silence

Could I or could I not, unravel the mysteries and the thought

How you drowned in my blunders,  but in mistakes you found pleasure

Not forgetting the leisure you had in my deceit believing there is a comeback from my loyalty

I thought twice which hand scrubs my back best, but then again day-dream beat you fair and square.

To be in the comforts of my sheets and cuddle like the re-kindliness of the candle that lit.

The look of my pupil widens at the words  you say and when I say words I mean the nothing you said…

Your lips spell out the details of my body and your body says it all, all in my day-dream

Our planet is as far as Pluto and earth, one is missing but which of them is me…

Yet In my embrace of tomorrow’s legacy I thought I share my day-dream before I wake…

But when do I wake,

do I wake to a day-dream

Or do I wake to the continuous line I keep hearing

Lines keep talking loud and yet I hear nothing

I keep silent yet I hear million voices in my head

Voices I hear but I cannot tell which one is yours

Demanding my undivided attention

Lost in the comfort of its soothing

Denying the ability of its love

But, undisputed my day-dream stands

My day-dream I say salue……..

© officialmandy, 2015



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