There was light at the end of the darkest part of the sea at the strike of time but was there really an end at the end of the sea?

I could feel the depth of the sea but so shallow a point at the shore I was but my imagination took me to the deepest part

 No sun, no star, no cloud, no bird, no nothing…

 It was just the sea and I terrified at the darkness that surrounded us

The sea embraced me so tight but below my knees could it reach,

 The sea felt my pain, understood my fears and shared my happiness,

The sea became my best friend…

 The sea dried my tears with it breeze, comforted my heart ached soul with its sweet melodious voice as the waters rushed to whisper to me how it loved me…

My nightmares scared the palms of the coconut trees as they shielded themselves from the agony of my plea.

 My plea for publicity,

My plea for my dreams to be acted on the screens of a cinema that a crowd as many as the sand at the shore of the sea could see… in order for men to appreciate the dynamism at work in me,

The palms of the coconut trees applauded for me for they regained confidence to stare me in the face for my nightmares were fearful and scary…

 The sea became my shelter from the storms of life…

 But I stood at the end of the sea to say my goodbye

In sadness the sea walked slowly backwards for it didn’t want me to leave,

The sea understood that I had to return to reality so I woke up from my bed and smiled for I made a friend in a world I was oblivious to…

A world I wish to go another journey at the stroke of time.

© officialmandy, 2015



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