Blood Stains

Deny me once
Forget me not
Tolerate me.. surely you cannot
Talk about my smile is too sincere
My untainted soul
My innocent eyes that looks at you like
The sun rise at the stroke of time….

My graceful African curves
Hips that curve, the mountains once God visited     Sinai
Beauty and blessed
My breast the description of King  Solomons concubines
My kiss taste better than wine

My blackness beyond measure
Jehovah’s handicraft
The tenderness of God’s palm detailing the curvature of my African pride
Creation the love felt deep and real

Only once can you deny me
But forgetting me never will you
The taste of my purity
You always yearn for more
Like the bird that sings
The melody of the soul

You and I sync’d
Locked up in each other
But you gave up the key to the beast
The beast I yearn to kill
Tear it apart in two for setting us apart in doom
Now dangerous you call me
Forgetting you made me
Before you feared me
The saint I was

Now you hate me
A killer I am
Deny me all you can
But never will you forget the Alphabets of my name.

Β© officialmandy, 2015


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