You called my name out of the blues in the  darkest night.

I reached out to the echoes of your voice as they traveled in the heavy air that pushed against my kinky hair.

There you stood like a man on mission. I couldn’t deny the fragrance of manly muscles that folded against your chest…

You grabbed me with all your might,
Violently kissed my lips; my parted shocked lips and caused my bones to melt down in bitter sweet animated sensations and how my tendons froze…

The strength of a man on mission.
Passion yet to tell as fire sparkled in my eyes and my body reflecting the charm and the charm causing my lips to pursue the rush of blood in your veins as your neck breathed in high expectations to taste the temperature of my untamed lips.

Yet, in disappointment my emotions gave in, creating a moment that last for eternity… you and I together in royalty, our garment of love and hatred for each other grew thicker that a sword couldn’t slay but the yearning of two heart that beat as one can never escape the beauty of the rushing wind that makes my body shiver in thirst of you to quench that desire not only by pressing your body close to mine and violently making yours my charmed parted lips…..

© officialmandy, 2015



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