The hustle of missing you
Truth be told I do
The abandonment of a cherished love
I bow my head in my own drowning eyes
I tear each night
In regret I ponder on how could I
How could I be this cruel to a love that made me strong
A love personified human that loves beyond comprehension
The literature of your lamenting heart and mine… The hustle is real deep
I miss every Fibre of your personality
Every beat your heart makes close to mine…
I miss that suave smile each time you breathe with me close beneath your skin
Terrible is not word enough to describe the insanity of my actions
You are my strong and breasted one just like christ to the church
The reason I smile
The reason my heart sings melodious tunes in the act of pumping blood
From deep within the oceans of my heart I yearn to be yours once again
The hustle is deeper now
Remembering the times you became the anchor to my sinking ship
The life jacket to me… me when I forgot how to swim out of the mess.
And the you that became my counselor in times I swore to give up
The hustle is more than real knowing i messed up my chance with you

© officialmandy, 2015



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