Here i walk all alone
in the rain that never falls
drenched in the expectations to hear the words ‘i am sorry’

some words are hard to come by
the wind became too strong in my weary heart
carried me strengthless in thoughts of you
if only cupid was real
i would dream of a second love

You came in the mask of love
decieved me into falling deeply in your dungeon
caged me and i saw no light
day and night i wallowed in my depressed obsession of a masked love

wish i saw you coming
then will i never use the words ‘had i known’
in deep thoughts i found myself walking in the rain that never fell
midnight came and tapped me to an awakening

the truth is i still love you
you have tattoed your name in my bruising heart
and now each pump of blood carries memories of you

© officialmandy, 2015



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