Struggling for words to say
the more steps you take the lesser the magnetic force between us

you are drifting from me

in every tear drop that falls from my eyes represent letters of love
i write in my soul

in our past world

i use to be your mirror of reflection
in our current world
a wall reflects more than i

how i wish we could hold hands and go back in time

the love we had could only define multiplication
but now we are divided and you stand subtracted from my life

old memories of your laughter builds more sorrow in my heart

knowing i can never see you and i grow old together
i did all i could to make you proud to me my man

but you saw my weakness more than my willigness

i stand amazed in your decision to walk struggling for words to say
but saddness with sorrow held my neck too tight

chocking the life out of me seeing you walk without a goodbye

the only words i can afford to mutter are the silent tear drops that falls without caution

when you left,

the words came out of me
but into the thin air my letters of love dried up

it all dried without a simple goodbye…

© officialmandy, 2015




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