The crickets chirp to tell me the hour is come.
But I turned deaf ears not only to the darkness of chirping but also to the stars that twinkled at night,  I blinded myself to it.

Yes I also became insensitive to the coldness of the breeze that bruised my skin cold
I yearned to be alone
My shadow respected that why couldn’t the moon.

Neighbours snoring in dynamic sounds like they are testing mic.
My eyes won’t blink
Neither did my mind stop rewinding the track.
It made a playlist of your sweet words which now tortures me in the baddest way ever.

I was trying to be my own obstacle
My very own distraction but that won’t work either.
I am trying to be my own solitude.

Reborn myself in a world that only I will run.
No testosterone
No oestrogen
No 6 packs
And definitely no fine shaped beard.

When the crickets stops chirping  to me from his hide out and the moon goes to sleep and the stars gently dim their light I will be sound asleep by morning running my own hormonal free world.

When I self destruct and self rebuild you will know that you long lacked the Vitamin Me.
The me you didn’t know you needed badly to cure that cancerous attitude womanising
You disrespected me every way possible.

Looked down upon me and me didn’t even sit back to know my importance until the cricket chirped and I turned deaf ears and even the moon and the stars and the neighbors were all neglected by me.
I recoiled back into me..  my rehab.

© officialmandy, 2015


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