Is it not enough that you harvested my entire teeth?
Now I cannot grin to even talk of smiling
Are you not satisfied that I buried myself alive?
Causing my heart to cease
You even look sad because I still have blood flowing in me
Less I survive
I am the hole in your wall
The drain in your bath tub
The exit in your life
You made me your worst nightmare
The food you hate
The color that disgusts you
I am the joke you frown at
The subject you fail in
The mortgage you never finish paying
The hurricane that ruins your foundations
I am the volcano that erupts your heart
The God that judge’s your  soul
The numbness in your toes
Is it not enough that you make me fear myself?
I despise my own shadow
Hate the oxygen that passes through my trachea
I am scared of life
You make me the wrong the whole world wishes to right
The lies you make up in the books you write
The testimony you never share in church
If i were salvation you would wish to die a sinner
My worth cost you nothing special
My love you door mated and your friends and visitors make their shoes partially clean on me
I choke you
I am your worst night mare because you cut me too deep
Replaced every red blood cell in me with fear
Bitterness became my white blood cells
And now I cannot dial 911 for I have no cell
You are a heartless creature outside hell
You make God cry and it never stops to rain anger in my heart.

©officalmandy, 2015



  1. The piece comes out like an experienced and words are well chosen…but looks like you hardly apply rhyming scheme…don’t know if i am making a point…Keep on with the good work..

    Liked by 1 person

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