BRNAnd there was an in-filling
But no feeling
Suddenly a healing
The hole I had within is no longer in
He said you have been made whole.
Ooo such proclamation
Me a nation
Never thought this day will be in motion
I am founded
Extremely expanded
Yes I am enthroned
Not postponed
You see I am in love
Immersed in love for love created me
I am love personified
I know no hate
Yes like my father
I will not stop telling
Not even a yelling can stop my telling
Christ is my calling
The reason I am preaching
So yes I am reaching
Thousands of millions of people waiting to be rescued from the prisons and cells of their nature.
And I got the keys to their departure
The word my creator
Saying goodbye to their sin slave master
Now bowing to my Father
Grace and love they have attained
They also got that in-filling
Some had a feeling
Suddenly they had the healing
And got proclaimed
The sons of God.

©Officialmandy 2015


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