I will scream your name in the chambers of my heart
And wish my arteries rupture with your name all stained in oxidated blood
Spill out silently how you make my yearnings seek shelter in your pants
And crave for the taste of your lips as my hips sway to the indications of your touch
Sensitive appealing
Touch unrighteous
I found God on the taste of your tongue bud
And my pores opened to receive the spirit that escapes through your breath
I will scream your name in the towers of my breast
Fantasize on your warm palms cupping my titties
And smile to the sarcastic movement of your rolling tongue in my mouth
Spit honey on my tongue
And I will digest in satisfaction, moan in every tone and rhythm and the birds of the sky will sing melodies to the moon
Climax on your abs
Groaning your name in my veins as my skin turns red in black blushing
I will forever scream your name till you become a reality in my chocolate pudding.

Officialmandy, 2015


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