It’s like I am moving on waters
That feeling of a mighty wind that speeds in the chamber’s of your heart as you tend to speak and free your mind
It’s like November love
When we sleep in separate beds
And is a few days away to Christmas
And I sit and wonder if we can ever count 1, 2, 3 and say to each other with a kiss a happy new year.
Like coconut fruits ready to drop
Yet hangs in there for the farmer.
Like ripped mangoes waiting to be stoned by kids.
Like boiled eggs and red pepper sitting under the cooking sun and every one passes like it is tasteless.
my love hangs in there to be unleashed by you,
Yet you seem not to acknowledge the signs and symptoms of this sickness…  love
Medically I am diagnosed of loves arrest
And emotionally torned like the pages of a primary student’s book
And physically I am as confused like the demons that were cast into the pigs that drowned themselves in the sea
This is me signing my death warrant.
Love is the death pill I swallowed in subliminal
Every time I try to throw it out you keep pushing it down my throat like a criminal.
You are a death sentence,
Just like the phobia I met my first time i walked on the canopies of kakum national park.
You are the last thing I want to do on my bucket list
Maybe the only way to survive this is to push my fingers down my throat and throw you up, except you make me feel like tomorrow is never coming so I have to be bold now and be who I see me to be in Limbo.                                                                                                                 loves hostile place
Your are my beautiful suicide.

© officialmandy, 2015


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