Captivated by your lips sinking in mine so we speak the same words. Adrenaline shot too high up in the skies now i fly on the same level with the eagles. From afar i see you, now departed are you from me and my poems float on the surface but the words are to deep. Stuck in my soul yet lost in my sole, prints i can not trace…..

…in the dept of sadness i found peace…

Is a merciless thought
To be deeply enclosed in a case of love.
Moment of unprecedented departure
Trials and being served

To believe in a faithless companionship
Thoughts of an immature relationship
Fear gripped the sheep that was slain
Aches in his prayer to the Father about the cup
Hope vitalized in us for Love

In the dept of sadness i found peace…

Bravery is the meal served on a broken plate
Mixed with sharp pieces that cuts my throat
Choking on blood infected with you
Spilling from my openings your poisonous IV


© Officialmandy, 2016


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