So Breathe

Drip it right through my emotions,
pour my laundry out in my poems,
with your face hardened upon thy chest
and your wrath resting upon thy shoulders.
Every letter i write is a dim break
of poetry that you can never understand.

On the hill top my mum washed my laundry,
i learnt to wash my own
Hot is the grill in my chest
and sharp is the knife on my tongue.
Bold is the truth on my taste buds
but my smile hides the hurt that don't come out.

Just breathe!
My mind screams at me,anger
lost in emotions so cold
my hair stands on attention in fright
freezing in thoughts.
Buy me an inhaler to open my air way,
A kiss from the grave.

Innocent look so immature:
this is no ball,
get rid of the mask.
sinking sand and crawling plants
tying my mind down.
Threatened, now pale
swallowing deep, big, bitter pills.

You can not write me a poem.
This is an angry word porn.
Pills but not in portion,
Get hold of some lotion.
Keep your face in motion,
hide your scars from the crowd.

You will not understand my poetry.
My skin is grilled on hot coals,
now impermeable to stained words,
But deep,
deep down i roast like a neglected corn,
full of floating words to express my hurt
But my mind says breathe...

Officialmandy, 2016


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