I slipped on your personality

And crushed into you

Broke a leg and an arm

Used your smile to bandage my fraction

And my heart is divided into fractions confused

Hello screams comes from my mind

But my attention is all focused on this accidental scene.


I am lost in lust with you

Yet I do not know you

For one plus one is two

And I too am divided into many roads

Leading nowhere but to you

I fight my mind which finds your voice soothing

And I broke a leg and an arm.


I keep my fingers crossed

B’cuz I want you

But this crush is too deep

I lost you

And you take the hands of whom I wish was i

And I watched you smile at her

The smile that kept my broken leg and arm straight


I am lost in lust BUT getting out

I cradle my head in my hands and sob in hiding

Now dialing, I am calling a love tower,

And in pain I try to walk out of this crush that I find myself in…

And I tear, and you hold on to her hands and I tear,

And you turn and ask me; can I touch you and you draw close

And I drift and I sob and I stop you,

And I tell you, it was an accidental lust.


Officialmandy, 2016






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