hairThough we are subject to gravity  Our hair stands against it. Powerful and knows its right. Don’t tame her by the chemicals Call them relaxers but how does that relax us. When it burns my melanin. Black girl’s hair is gifted. Though our hair is soft It is hard It folds to protect itself from the comb


…and it folds in…


We call that curly Black girl’s hair Ain’t nothing texturizing they are relaxers repackaged And that is a remade.

Black girl’s hair You fulfill scriptures The hair is our glory Makes us stand out in a million Our hair is cotton Blossoms in sunlight like sunflower The reason black slaves knew how to collect they owned black girls hair.



glorious as the setting sun


Black girl’s hair Stand up for your right Don’t fight your power Rock it in standing. Your hair is obedient Get rid of the relaxer. It kills your power. Your hair is scripture… Black girl

(c) Officialmandy, 2016.



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