The very beginning is beyond genesis
And the formation of the world was with voices
And I guess the letters contracted the mansions
And made you the frog I kissed.
Only this amphibian was not the one for me or
Was he and if he was, he was at the wrong time the prince for me.
In the beginning it was unwritten and unknown
To me that he will be all that I wish he is and more.
Many night we spent together counting the stars and
Watching the sun set…
And the birds sing
And the butterfly dance in the sky
And I didn’t see the unwritten words.
The revelation of this genesis was the mark you made in my heart
With actions imprinted on my skin like the marks the romans made on Jesus’ skin
And the thorns that crowned him scratched my mind,
Leaving me helpless with my words stripping me naked
Like war holes made by gun shot in multiple aims
My heart is filled with deoxygenated blood that chokes me.
The very life of mine that I entrusted in you
You spent time like you were serving a time in prison cutting me deep
Tattooing your escape route on my skin, torturing my cells now I am as hell
Like high in weed smoked I can’t feel my nor touch my face
My image in a mirror depicts the terror in my soul
And my soul is antagonized in flames like coals in hell.
Questions muttering on my lips,
Did I make myself vulnerable to you to violate my love?
Did I flirt with your senses to draw your attention on my animated curves?
Did I excite you too much your climax didn’t reach the roof tops?
Did I make you tell me that you like me?
Hell yea this questions burns my nerves to the point where cold water roast my tongue,
You are too deep a pain in my stomach far away I cannot reach
Now stained you are in my memories and my poem yet again you cannot understand.
 (c) officialmandy, 2016


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