An Angel In The Stone

She wore a shuttered look
Sat by the shore and gazed beyond ocean blue
Cuddled her body in self embrace
And base on which she stood felt cold
Night creeped up on her and her face went dim
The sun took the brightest light she thought she was to see…

She wore a smile
Best makeup she could afford
Her lips wide,
Her teeth stained
Black circled eyes and fig filled hair
Left her print in the shore
And the crabs dug in a hole

She walked in hope
Faith she held
She knew her worth
Bought with a price
Her wings itched in her spine

She sat and looked
The stars gave more light
And she found her heart
Sleeping in her father’s eyes
She is an apple

Her wings gave off a flap
Her torn dress made snow
Glorious became her look
And the trees stood still
Beholding her beauty
And she turned

Her tears fell to the sand
And the ocean blue took it
A message was sent
She is beauty
She was the angel in a stone.

(c) Officialmandy, 2k16


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