He found pain as home after he found the one whom he never loved with a knife to her beating heart.
When mixed emotions he inhaled at the sight of a gone love that was never reciprocated.
As the mid night blues sang a love dirge and the stars never twinkled.
The clouds wept an image of dark covering, the moon went missing and the rainbow lost it colors.
A true loves kiss can’t be a remedy to this knife stabbed beating bleeding heart, a true loves kiss turned in the knife and thrusted it deep.
A hug will only push in harder and deeper.
He sought for alcohol and with closed nerves he poured the 65% concentration on this heart that sought to save a soul and that was how the bleeding clotted and got addicted to harsh, brutal and painful treatment caused by men she died for.

He found pain as home after he vowed not to know her before and yet her blood stains his print.
A good old lie thrice told,
Regret was how he flew off crying and came back begging,
Her blood was out,
Virtue was gone into the skies, into the heavens and into her father’s heart.
He knew of her death, that it will be soon before early when the dark clouds weeps to the earth to crack open and tear the veil that made her room sacred.
Her blood, a currency that buys worthy life than any money, gold and even the pieces of silver she was sold for

He found pain as home as he discovered her father already made proclamations of her death and wished he was not the one to make it come to pass.
For it was said concerning him it will be better off for you if you were not born for now you have touched an anointed and done a prophet harm.

This was how the story begun…

He was born a man fully developed in Spirit yet passed through the life’s cycle.
His mother was a total virgin and not married to the carpenter yet
People would have called him a bastard if he played a role in Game of Thrones but no his father made the whole universe.
He was loved and hated by the same people he taught spiritual civilization
He was burnt by their words, tortured by their thorns and spit on by their unbrushed teeth.
He was stretched till his armpit slit, beaten till his face disfigured, his beard ripped off his face and in all this not sedated.
He was conscious and in pain, his knee hit with a club as though in a golf tournament, his palm faced a terrible penetration of a nail hit in 6-8 inches long, O God… His feet faced same as his blood like water came running unto the ground on which his killers stood.
His side was pierced, water from his ruptured heart came out and that finally was when her heart stopped beating with the knife in it.
His death was the scariest movie ever premiered. …

And I tell the story of how all this bought me life, love, trust, happiness, health, money and eternal life.
© officialmandy



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