I walked up the road under the high way
car horns honking and hawkers making known the chilled rush
I desired the energy booster and the healthy fruit water
I felt drained of water
drained of love
drained of sunlight

I watched the old man make do with the coconut sellers money
and my crush made pay of mine
filled my mason jar
felt love sipping on the bitter juice
it was all i felt
bitter love up my throat
undecided on what decision to take

All i did was cut underneath my skin
coming out of comfort to make you feel comfort
I slept on cold floor
made a pillow of my arm
broke in my bones
and nerves breaking into tiny sticky piercing i don’t know

I dream of sunlight in the dark
Rain in the drought
moon at day
i dream of curfew
mammas homemade soup
and my daddys laughter

i dream of shield
a man
cuddle, sex, kiss, love
is overrated

But i dream anyways
A pill down my throat
Cold compress
skin burning
my eyes feel too heavy
I seek peace in a mason jar filled with bitter coconut water


(c) officialmandy, 2017



  1. Wow!! Deep piece. Very touching.Conveys emotional state of writer. A lot of life in the piece.Real to me.I love official Mandy!!! She’s my favourite poet

    Liked by 1 person

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