An empty tomb
With a ghost skeleton lying in between the dirt of the wooden carved coffin among many living dead beings
They are all horny lifeless dead bodies in an empty casket.

I mailed you last night
Love died
I need a dirge
Write me a poetry with no rythym
Paint me a face with no name
Hide me away from the possibility of emotions that drains a soul like a moan in my throat
A desired orgasm never reached
A memory worth killing

I am crushing on you
In between your legs lies fantasies
Emotional sarcasms
Dead figs and lifeless pigs
Away with the cravings

I’m vegetarian
Yet I can eat in-between your grassy legs
I will prefer starving to death for your food
All rotten
Buy me a Ross and kiss me a toad
A fairy tale to tell to the worms and termites that feed on carcass’
Tomorrow when it Rains
I hope you will be able to feel alive and feed your dead,

Officialmandy 2017


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