The Suave Pattern

She’s coy
Unapologetically paves her way into your innermost coy
An erotic volcano that explodes your membranes into alpha particles.

She’s coy
She breathes the sun
The rays parade her skin as the garment engulfs a King

She’s coy
The dark corner embraces her smile at the  bar
The tequila, lighter, music

She’s coy
The lampshade stands amazed
Her name dangles at the alleys of the erected mountains

M. Taylor

She’s coy
The men feel insecure
Her sight causes their boned, soft, veiny organs to knock

She’s coy
The salsa floor stands for spot
Let the music swing her hips to the sides of every eye captivated

She’s coy
Her heels heals the broken smile
She reaches for her tuxedo, takes a step under the moonlight that shines the day

She’s coy
Confident, elegant, self-possessed with magic
Melanin speaking volumes of the flirty compose in her coffee

She’s coy
She’s a man
She’s seductive

She’s a suave
She walks under the skin of men
She’s a sun lover

(c) officialmandy, 2017


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