Dear Feelings…
Last night you strangled me
You lit up scented candles and decorated my floors with rose petals
They were black roses stained in red
You turned on soul music and projected my love life on the screens
You poured me a glass of red wine and iced me up
Prepared me a salt bath
Massaged my bruised back and legs
I have been running for long
The forest was thick with wild lovely creatures
I slept in the bossom of lions and rode the back of a cheeter
The cave was empty with bats,
I took shelter and watched my heart seek shelter alone in the midst of wild looking owl Eyes and hissing snakes falling  of trees
My tears fell at the sight of my heart being tossed by and by
The tales of the dead
I saw the night clouds writing letters and letters that seemed to be a broken poetry
Dear feelings
I pray thee to fast forward this moment to a happy ending
until then…
I wish I can sing you away….
(c) officialmandy, 2017.
For Diidis new musical with acoustic and harmony.

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